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Bournemouth & Fordingbridge Chiropractors :: FAQ

As Bournemouth & Fordingbridge Chiropractors we are often asked questions concerning Chiropractic care. Below are some of the most common questions and answers. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call either our Bournemouth Chiropractic clinic or our Fordingbridge Chiropractic clinic.

I want to come, but I am not sure if you can help me?

Bournemouth and Fordingbridge Chiropractors are often asked...How much will it cost?

Our Chiropractors are often asked…How much will it cost?

We are a long established clinic with many years of experience. The doctors have seen many different conditions. If you are anxious why not take advantage of our free 15 min consultation where you can meet the doctor and get answers to your questions, before you commit to treatment.

How much will it cost?

It depends on what is wrong with you and how long you have had the condition. We are covered by BUPA/PPP and Simply Health insurance policies to name a few. The chiropractors can give you a more appropriate answer when they have examined you. We also have a discount system for families who come together to the clinic.

Can I have an X-Ray?

If an X-Ray is clinically indicated following your new patient appointment, then your chiropractic doctor can arrange for that to be carried out in our clinic, or we can write to your GP with our recommendations.

I have osteoporosis and I have been told I should avoid chiropractic treatment.

This is not strictly true. What they may mean is that you should be careful having chiropractic adjustments, but we use many different techniques on our patients and some are well suited to give relief to osteoporotic patients. Our oldest patient is an osteoporotic 96yr old and try telling her not to have treatment – its what keeps her going.! We also have an ultrasound bone density scanner, so if you need an up-to-date report we have the technology to provide one.

Will I have to do exercises? And what about cold or heat?

It is always better to keep moving if you have back pain. The old way was to retire to bed and rest, not so anymore. If we feel you will recover quicker by exercising we will give you something to do, but it will be gentle, at a level you can tolerate, and very much on an individual basis, and may not be until subsequent visits. If you have never exercised, or not for a long time you may exercise incorrectly and subsequently make yourself worse, so always tell your chiropractor if you are currently in an exercise programme. Quite often to speed up your recovery you will be instructed to apply an ice pack or ice gel over the affected area following a treatment and before your next treatment. The concept of ice or heat is dependent on what is wrong with you and will be discussed with you at our clinic.

As Bournemouth & Fordingbridge Chiropractors, we take pride in helping our patients. If you have questions not answered here, give our Bournemouth or Fordingbridge chiropractic office a call.

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