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5 Things You Can Do To Help Wrist Pain

Wrist pain dramatization.At our Castle Lane Chiropractic clinic here in Bournemouth we seem to be seeing quite a few patients suffering from wrist pain. This is nearly always job related unless injured by some direct trauma.

It isn’t just office workers using a computer that suffer wrist pain. Many tradesmen find they have wrist problems such as flooring contractors, electricians, carpenters, plasterers or road diggers. Even pregnancy can lead to wrist pain.

If it is job related there are exercises that you can do to help alleviate the pain, and you can try our 5 point plan, but if that brings you no relief, then check in to see us for a free check- up and we can tell you what’s wrong and specifically what you can do about it.

  1. Stretch your wrist before using your computer or before doing the job you usually do. Massage your wrists where you feel the pain (you can’t make it worse) and stretch all of your joints, fingers and hand to increase the blood flow which will help to decrease the pain.
  2. Check the position of your elbows when you type. On a normal keyboard you will find that your hands will bend outwards and your elbows will point away from the body, causing more tension on the wrist. Have a go at typing with your elbows held close to your body.
  3. Take a break if your wrists hurt. I know you have a deadline to make, but even 5 minutes away from what you are doing will help,stretch your hand and fingers again. When you take a toilet break and wash your hands get into the habit of stretching again.
  4. Check your position. What is your position at the desk or at your job outside. Can you change it? It should not be overlooked that wrist pain may not just be caused by the wrist. Your wrist is attached to your elbow (commonly the cause) which is further attached to your neck. So your body position is important. Check how you are sitting or standing or bending over your equipment. Be your own detective.
  5. Do you need a wrist support? If you are doing something very repetitive and the pain scale is high adding a wrist support will help to alleviate the pain. If you find no relief from using a wrist support then the problem may not be at your wrist. It could be at your elbow or neck – get one of our chiropractors to advise you on that, free of charge. Oh and try not to wear it for prolonged periods and take it off at night.

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