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Are You At Risk Sitting At A Desk All Day?


Image supplied by New York Medical Group

Many patients ask “why do I have back or neck pain – I don’t do anything to put it out as I sit all day”. EXACTLY! How are you sitting?

If you have a desk based job with a computer, then invariably that is the cause of your pain. Take a look at this image and you will see how you should correctly sit at the computer.

Check your posture and make the necessary adjustments so you look like the first image and not the second one!!!

Mind Your Posture! Dos and Don’ts at the Computer

Whether you’re working, tweeting, emailing or updating your Facebook status here are the main dos and don’ts!


  • Experiment with the tilt of your office chair! Your seat should be adjusted so your feet are flat on the ground and the chair should be tilted so your hips are slightly higher than your knees.
  • Eyes should be level with the top of the computer screen. Head should be over the shoulders and in line with the buttocks. Hunching forward to see the screen? Maybe you need your eyesight checked?
  • Relax back into the chair, making sure you have your bottom and shoulder blades touching the back rest
  • Relax wrists when typing – arms should be flat and elbows level with the desk. Use arm rests
  • Take breaks! Stand up and walk around at least once an hour and stretch


  • Avoid unbalanced postures such as crossing your legs unevenly when sitting or leaning to one side
  • Slouch or hunch forward with the head and shoulders
  • Use a low desk or table
  • Sit for longer than an hour without a break
  • Tense your neck and shoulders

Computer Headaches

Are you wondering why the days of happily tapping away at your computer have been replaced by bouts of unexplained headaches?

Poor posture!!

For every inch that the head moves forward in posture, it increases the weight on the neck by 10 pounds!

This increase in the weight of the head on the neck from forward head carriage and slouching at the desk increases pressure on the neck muscles and spinal joints. This tension leads to pain referral to the head causing tension-type headaches and migraines.

To prevent reoccurring headaches, follow the “Dos” above to achieve daily good sitting posture.

Visit Your Chiropractor

If you are currently experiencing worsening neck pain, back pain or headaches do not hesitate to book in with your chiropractor for further advice and treatment!

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