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How to Recover Quicker From A Knee Replacement

It’s quite an operation having a knee replacement. Not only does your knee support your upper limb, but it also supports your lower limb and it’s not something you would undertake lightly, but for some people it is necessary. How successful the operation is depends somewhat on how much rehab you do for your knee because exercise and strengthening your knee is key to a better outcome. Hopefully you will have been trying to build up your quad muscles before the operation which will make walking and going upstairs easier after the operation. The more strength you have the quicker you will recover.

Weight bearing exercise can be uncomfortable on a sore knee. Try our toning chairs instead.

Get More Fit Before Your Operation

Tall story I know as probably any type of weight bearing exercise will be quite painful for you. Think about using Toning Chairs as a medium for your exercise as you can exercise before and after without undue stress to your knee joint. Have a look at our “Sit and Get Fit” which is based around Toning Chairs for your exercise. But there are other things you can do too to help you recover quicker. A major new study has suggested that you should increase your intake of Amino Acids and this is what they say:

Amino Acids Could Help You Recover Quicker

A recent study has found out that if you take an amino acid supplement 2 weeks before surgery and 2 weeks after surgery your recovering time is much quicker than in those who do not. You can expect muscle loss in your quadriceps muscle after surgery by an average of 18.4%, but those who took the amino acid supplement only had a 6.2% loss six weeks after surgery. (That’s amazing…) Those who did not take the supplement took 32% longer to go up a flight of stairs and down, and in getting up out of a chair. In other words much more mobile in getting around. Something to consider if you are on the list for a replacement, contact us for more information or to order your supply before the operation.

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