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How To Relieve iPAD Neck Pain

neck-painMany people now complain of neck pain when using a tablet computer. They are popular because they are so light and convenient but your body position will determine if you are going to suffer pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Simply adjusting the viewing angle should provide relief.

Dr Jack Dennerlein and his colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health looked into the problem. Using an infrared 3-D motion analysis system, they tracked how different tablet positions affect the body.

Specifically, they looked at what happened to a person’s neck. The neck houses the top of the spine, which is a stack of small bones called cervical vertebrae. The neck bones and muscles prefer it when the spine is straight — as when someone is standing with their head erect. Neck muscles get strained when the neck has to bend forward and downward.

This is what the research team found: When working with a tablet held on the lap or placed flat on a table, your neck has to bend much more to see the tablet screen compared with working with a desktop or notebook computer. This can cause strain and even injuries to muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments and spinal discs.

However, when viewing a tablet that is on a table, propped at a steep angle in a tablet case, there is much less neck strain and pain.

Top Tips To Relieve Neck Pain or Muscle Ache

  • Don’t work with the tablet in your lap looking down. Use a table and chair.
  • Use a tablet case that holds the tablet at a comfortable viewing angle.
  • Use a keyboard, instead of the keyboard screen on the tablet.
  • Take a break every 15 minutes.

If these tips don’t help you then give us a call and we will see what we can do for you.

Chiropractors are very experienced at treating necks and correcting posture so it’s worth giving us a call. 01425 652951 for Fordingbridge and 01202 300320 for our Bournemouth Clinic.

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