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buttock-painPatients often read about the “sacroiliac joint” and ask me where it is. Now you can see it. It is a very small joint, but boy can it be a big pain. It is a weight bearing joint and can only get sprained if you are lifting something heavy or running a lot doing hard impact on to the ground, because these joints act as shock absorbers to the spine as well. Symptoms can cause buttock pain and leg pain all the way down to the foot, and many people think they have sciatica. Other patients are worried that it may be a hip problem, because this joint can cause groin pain as well.

Though it is usual to affect builders who lift heavy loads every day at Xmas we see a different type of patient with this condition, because it is usually aggravated over the festive season.

Why? Bending over and lifting that Turkey (heavy load on joint). Carrying all that Xmas Food out of the supermarket trolley (heavy load on joint). Grandparents lifting and carrying small children when visiting family (carrying a heavy load) Yes this happens every year.

The best thing to do if you strain the joint is to apply ice gel, ice pack or just a bag of peas or other veg from the freezer. Apply it every 2 hours if necessary. The joint is hot and inflamed so don’t apply heat however tempted you might be. This is the one time when we do advocate lying down and getting your feet off the floor (get that load off the joint). Avoid lifting. Avoid walking for more than 20 minutes. Sleep with a pillow between your knees at night. Sit on the edge of a chair and not straight backed. Good news is that it can be fixed by coming to see us, but have patience. If you have really sprained it it may take 6-8 weeks to sort itself out, so be mindful at what you pick up over the holiday season.

Make an appointment today and we can tell you if it is that joint that is bothering you or not

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