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Massage Therapy in Bournemouth & Fordingbridge

Experienced, Qualified Practitioners

Bournemouth massage therapy

Massage is good for the body and mind

We have 3 very experienced massage therapists at the Castle Lane Clinic performing soft tissue massage, and one person who works at the Fordingbridge Clinic.

They not only treat patients on referrals from other Chiropractors, but also anyone who just wants to come in for a relaxing massage (using oils or hot stones), or a more invigorating deep sports tissue massage.

Patients can relax knowing that they are being treated in a safe, medical environment by qualified practitioners.

Why soft tissue is important

Soft tissue pain is well…painful and can actually spread because it causes protective muscle tightening in surrounding areas. Tight, inflamed muscles suffer from poor circulation and can develop glue-like adhesions and painful trigger points all of which further contributes to your pain and lack of movement. In extreme cases it can cause tingling and numbness.

Regular massage can release chronically contracted muscles and fascia. Massage increases circulation, reduces painful swelling and promotes healing.

To schedule an appointment, call our Bournemouth clinic on 01202 300320 or our Fordingbridge clinic on 01425 652951.


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