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Medical Research Says Chiropractic Works For Back Related Leg Pain

Another study has shown that back related leg pain improved with spinal manipulation and home exercise and advice, quicker than home exercise and advice alone. Spinal manipulation is what Chiropractors do. Gert Bronfort, DC, PhD, from the Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota, and colleagues presented their findings in an article published in the Sept. 16 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.

“Most patients with BRLP [back-related leg pain] are treated with prescription medications and injections, although little to no evidence supports their use,” the researchers write. “Surgical approaches are also commonly applied, although there is only some evidence for short-term effectiveness compared with less invasive treatments.”

The study looked at 192 people with leg pain over a 12 week and 52 week period. Over 12 weeks one group was given home exercises and advice over 4 x one hour sessions and the chiropractors gave 20 sessions of spinal manipulation. The results were:

  • Reduction in leg pain
  • Chiropractors: 75% reduction in leg pain
  • Home exercise group: 19% reduction.

Reduction in Pain

  • Pain was completely relieved in 20% of chiropractic patients and 5% in those doing home exercises.
  • At 12 weeks medication to reduce symptoms were used by 56% of chiropractic patients and 63% in the home exercise groups.
  • At 52 weeks, the chiropractic group had more improvement overall.
  • Medication was used by 42% of the chiropractic group and 66% of the home exercise group.

The researchers concluded: “For patients with on-going back-related leg pain, spinal manipulation in addition to home exercise and advice is a safe and effective conservative treatment approach, resulting in better short-term outcomes than home exercises alone”

If you are or have been suffering from low back pain you know your money is well spent because the research has shown that manipulation is an effective treatment for your back pain or sciatica (leg pain).

What is Sciatica?

Just a name to explain why you have pain, numbness or a tingling sensation that radiates from your low back down to one of your legs, or foot. Called Sciatica because there is a nerve that runs down your back, pelvis, buttocks and down both legs ending at the feet called the Sciatic Nerve.

  • The pain can range from being mild to very painful, and may be made worse by sneezing, coughing, or sitting for a long period of time.
  • Some people with sciatica may also experience muscle weakness in the affected leg.
  • You can have general low back pain, but more people complain about the pain in their buttocks and legs, usually on one side.
  • Self-help treatment.
  • Use ice on your low back either to the side that is affected or in the middle. Putting ice or ice gel on your leg won’t do anything for you or the pain.

Seek Chiropractic Treatment

You have pressure on the nerve by a surrounding structure in your back and we are qualified to find out where that is. We can adjust your back to take the irritation off the Sciatic Nerve. Nerve pain should not be ignored, if you do it will take longer for the nerve to heal, so seek treatment as soon as you can.

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