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Mobile phones are a pain in the neck!

We have been treating many more children these days with neck and shoulder pain. Chiropractor Janis Laking puts this down to the fact that kids are always texting with their mobile phones. Who would have thought mobiles would cause so much pain! It’s because we keep our heads constantly forward, more looking down than up in a day.

The term ‘text neck’ was coined by Dr. Dean Fishman, a chiropractor in America and he is of  the opinion that this has become a widespread global issue and is even responsible for the way our bodies are growing, and Janis Laking said it is just as bad in the UK.


Check your kid while texting. Is he or she hunched over and slouching?

Check your kid while texting. Is he or she hunched over and slouching?

There are 1.91 trillion text messages in the US alone and they figured out that 79% of 18-44 year olds were on their phones for an alarming 22 hours a day!!! You can be sure that the UK is not that far behind either.

This is not helping with our posture for our kids or for us. Have a look at your kid sitting down texting with their phone. Are hunched over and slouching?

Of course, chiropractic care can help restore their posture, but lets start talking to the kids about how they look.

Take a photo of them when they are not watching and show them. Bet they will be surprised. Tell them that this leads to round shoulders, small chest and poor breathing. It can even affect their confidence and future employment.  Ask your kids if they would employ someone sitting there all hunched, looking like they have no confidence, or if they would prefer someone sitting tall, with their chest expanded and a smile on their face.  There’s just no competition.

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