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Using the NES system we look at the traditional Chinese way of the energy stored in the body at certain times of the day and night. Energy is high in the body during a 2 hour cycle and the organ opposite will be at its lowest.

We all need to exercise, eat and sleep and you can plan each activity around a system when the organ is at its peak energy levels. It is not of use to be very active when certain organ systems are at their lowest peak as this would put a strain upon the body.

The Chinese refer to energy as “Qi”, which moves in a cyclical flow throughout the body.

Using the NES system we can determine which organs are under stress and the associated symptoms that go with that. All organs need energy to work and talk to other cells in your body. The first ssymptom of illness is tiredness because the energy in the body is low or depleted. A sure sign that something is not right within you. All conventional tests may be negative, but the NES system is able to detect where the depletion is and take steps to rectify that by re-energising the organ that is depleted in energy which goes to help restore the body’s natural function.


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