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happy new yearIts 2017 at last and now is the time for new starts and new beginnings. New years resolutions are made this time every year and I wish you all the best in succeeding with them!


Here at Castle Lane Clinic we love to hear about those resolutions you have made to be healthier, eat well or exercise more but I would also ask you to add one more to your list. This New Year resolve to get your spine checked!


Every year we see people coming to the clinic who may have started that new exercise regime and unfortunately hurt their back by twisting or spraining their joints. It is a common problem that can be avoided by keeping your regular maintenance appointments at the clinic so we can correct any small problems. Alternatively, if you have never seen a Chiropractor before we offer Free Spinal Assessments at both our Castle Lane and Fordingbridge clinics which is a great opportunity to have a chat with one of our Chiropractors and have a brief examination to see whether Chiropractic care would be of benefit to you.


Here’s some simple hints and tips to help yourself when exercising:


  1. Start slow! Whether you are an experienced gym goer or a newbie just starting out it is important to build up your exercise regime slowly. This gives your body a chance to get used to the new activity and is the best way to get fit and avoiding injury!
  2. Avoid high impact or twisting movements to begin with. Running, for example, is fantastic exercise but it is also hard on your joints. Start by walking, then jogging before going for that 10K!
  3. Cool down! Most people will warm up before exercise but it is easy to forget to cool down as well! Rather than stopping exercise suddenly slow yourself down slowly until you are ready to stop.
  4. Remember to stretch fully after exercise! Another simple but good one to remember as it will help aid your recovery and stop those aching muscles the next day!
  5. If you get any pain use some ice! An ice pack for 10-15 minutes in the area of pain can help reduce inflammation and ease your discomfort.



In any event stick to your resolutions and don’t give up.


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