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What Our Patients Say

Amazing Clinic

I just want to affirm how amazing this clinic is. I have been coming for chiropractic treatments from Janis Laking for over 5 years. Having experienced a bad road accident as a teenager which left me with damaged neck and epilepsy… Janis keeps my neck free of the spasms that had been part of my life since the age of 15 year and I now feel amazing. . So thank you Janis and your team for being so wonderful!

Ali S.
(Vishuddha Vocal Studio)

I’m back to my life and I regained the life that I lost!

After just 3 or 4 visits I was feeling fantastic! After several treatments, I’m now able to run 3 miles twice a week! My hips don’t hurt, I feel light as a feather, my legs don’t hurt, my lower back doesn’t hurt. I’ve slept without pain for the first time in 4 years! It’s like a miracle has happened.

This treatment has completely given me back my life and given me the hope that I can regain the strength I’ve lost so that I can once again resume an active healthy existence. I can’t speak highly enough of this treatment. Lovely, kind and friendly clinic too.

Jacqueline G.

What can you expect from Janis and Martin at Castle Lane Clinic?

Andrey Sirbu and Alexandra Hixson, English U21 Champions and UK Rising Star finalists

Andrey Sirbu and Alexandra Hixson, English U21 Champions and UK Rising Star finalists

Knowledge and experience! Literally at their fingertips.

Sympathy and understanding – they know when you are in pain and care enough to want to help you.

Flexibility and support – they are there when you need them.

Range of services – finding the right treatment to help you.

For the last 3 years we have had the “pleasure” of Janis and Martin putting our bodies’ right after the abuse we subject them to, both on the competition dance floor and in the many hours of practice and training that our sport requires.

We have a regular slot with them as general maintenance to keep us in great condition from head to toe and then the odd emergency treatment when accidents happen and things don’t go quite as they should.
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They have put themselves out to understand the picture we are striving to portray with our ballroom dancing and the particular stresses and strains that it puts on our bodies so that they can support us in keeping our equipment in perfect running order!

We are very happy to be associated with our friends at Castle Lane Clinic.

Andrey S. and Alexandra H., English U21 Champions and UK Rising Star finalists

“When all else fails, don’t give up hope – go and see one of these Chiropractors”

Sandra Barnes & her family

Castle Lane Clinic was recommended to me when I had almost resigned myself to a life on constant pain relief tablets, to resolve my jaw problem, neck pain and migraines. I was slightly skeptical and nervous but from the moment I arrived I was made to feel welcome and instantly felt like there was a genuine interest in my problems and that I was not just another patient to treat.

This made a big difference to me because of the anxiety I usually feel when going to the doctors or hospital. I had my initial assessment with Janis and she took the time to explain what she believed to be the issue, and told me not every condition had to be treated by manipulation like most people believe. She explained many conditions could be successfully treated by mobilisation and/or massage techniques, like my jaw.

My migraine was probably due to my tight neck muscles and joints and she made sure I was comfortable with her suggestion for adjustments to my neck before she would go ahead. Everything is explained to you in a simple way which gives you confidence and reassures you.
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Words cannot explain how much difference the chiropractic treatment made to my life initially and how is continues to do so with myself and now my family. I have total trust in Janis and her colleagues at Castle Lane Clinic which has been built up over the years I have been going to the clinic and even though there are other clinics closer to where we live I will not even consider changing due to the all round complete and friendly service that they offer.

It was the total trust in Janis and her team and the results which led my husband to seek treatment.

In addition, when I had my son and he was struggling to thrive, it was Janis who I trusted to help, not for chiropractic treatment, but for advice as I knew she had studied in paediatrics. I asked her to have a look at him and point me in the right direction. After she assessed him she encouraged me to see the GP and press for a consultation with a consultant paediatrician as she believed he was not tolerating the milk, and press for a consultation with a consultant paediatrician. He was admitted to hospital, and his intolerance was confirmed, and he was put on special milk at the hospital.

It is not just the chiropractic care but the advantage of other treatments which are recommended and available within the clinic which provide an all round care and recovery package. My husband has soft tissue massage along with his chiropractic treatment. It is not only the treatment but also the environment which makes a difference as it feels less clinical and more comfortable and personal which puts you at ease.

I do not hesitate in recommending Castle Lane Clinic and have had several friends and family seek treatment successfully at the clinic.

Sandra B.

I used to suffer from back, neck and knee pain

Ian Kennard

I used to suffer from back, neck and knee pain, which used to severely affect my sleep. Since visiting the Castle Lane Clinic and being treated by Janis and Martin, I no longer suffer from this pain.

I still receive regular treatments from Martin as I workout 6 days a week with weights and have seen significant improvements in my technique and posture, which I can attribute to my treatments at the Castle Lane Clinic

Ian K.

“I could barely walk due to the pain in by back….”

Alistair Wallace

“When I saw Janis for the first time, I could barely walk due to the pain in my back and legs and lifting my arm up was a near impossibility due to the pain in my ribs, neck and shoulders. I had seen my GP and a physiotherapist and both had given up trying to make the pain go away. I used to do fair amount of long distance running, but since the pain started overnight and the lack of success trying to make it better, I had written off my chances of ever being able to run again.

Janis took me in under her wing and from the very first appointment, I could see an improvement.
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Well, a year on and I was back, not only completing a 3 Peaks Challenge in under 24 hours, but long distance running again and mountain biking. I now get full nights sleeps, whereas before I would wake up every time I turned over in bed because of back pain, and life has been reinvented for me.

I have recommended Castle Lane Clinic to various other people and all have said to me how pleased they have been and glad that their pains are now confined to a thing of the past.”

Kind Regards,

Alistair W. FCCA CTA

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