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Spinal Awareness Week Balance Quiz

Independence is something we all value, especially as we grow older and health concerns may begin to limit our activities. One simple way to protect your independence is by reducing your risk of slips and falls.

Your Physical Health YES NO
Are you aged 65 or over?
Do you take prescription medications?
Do you take pills to help you sleep?
Have you slipped, tripped or fallen in the past year?
Has it been more than a year since you had your eyes checked?
Has it been more than a year since you had your hearing checked?
Do you ever feel dizzy, lightheaded or weak?
Do you have stiff joints, foot problems or weak muscles?
Do you lose your balance or feel unsteady when reaching or getting out of a chair?
Are you afraid of falling?
Your Activities YES NO
Do you wear slippers with leather or cloth soles in the house?
Do you reach or climb for things that are not easily at hand?
Do you have a pet such as a cat or dog?
Do you rush to get things done?
Your Household YES NO
Does your home have loose rugs or exposed extension cords?
Do you have to walk around furniture on the way to the bathroom from the bedroom?
Are any rooms or hallways not well lit?
Are there staircases that are steep or don’t have a handrail?
Do you have difficulty getting in or out of the bath or shower?
Do you have difficulty getting on or off the toilet?

Move Better – Live Better

If you answered YES to any of these question, you have an increased risk of falling. The more you answered YES, the greater your risk of falling.

Your local chiropractor Martin Laking can give you hints and tips on Fall Prevention as well advice on your Physical Health. Why not give him a call on 01202 300320.

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