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plants-in-the-officeIts official, plants really do help to decrease stress levels at the workplace. Lets face it in a lot of cases just going to work can increase the stress levels specially if you don’t like your job! A lot of research has been done to prove this by Dr. Roger S. Ulrich of Texas A&M University, Helen Russell, Surrey University, England as well as the recent studies conducted by Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University that plants significantly lower workplace stress and enhances productivity.

Not only do stress levels decrease, the knock-on effect is that productivity actually increases by 15%. Come on bosses get those plants in the office and make the workplace more inviting. The study measured the pulses of office workers near plants and without plants, reaction time increased by 12% when plants were around. It is amazing that a simple thing such as putting a plant in your room creates that visual exposure that can reduce stress within five minutes.

Plants release moisture into the air and create a humidity level around 30-60% which is the level that we are comfortable to work in. Plants also cool the environment, making this a financial eco decision if you decide to put plants in the office. It can lower heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%!

Clean Up The Air and Decrease Your Stress Levels

The British love their gardens so if employees go to work and can see some greenery it boosts their happy levels. Even for those who don’t have gardens love it too. Buildings with plants look more inviting and people feel more relaxed working alongside them. Today modern buildings don’t have as much natural air, and the air is normally re-circulated throughout the buildings. Poor air is an issue as it holds airborne moulds and bacteria. The easy answer is to install a few plants because in plant filled rooms there are generally 50-60% fewer moulds and bacteria than those rooms that have no plants.

Plants pull pollutants into their leaves and roots which can feed a plant. If they won’t provide a plant for your room go and buy one as the benefits are good and put it on your desk. For open plan offices more plants would be needed anything up to 20 plants to help with the air.If you work in call centres with partitions it can be quite noisy but plants placed around the workspace can reduce noise.

Plants for the office are usually green foliage that will fit in with any background or décor, but you can have flowering plants too if it makes you happier. Choose what you like and then you will have to look after it if you place it on your desk An old myth states that a dying plant in the office or home brings bad luck so remember to water it and care for it too! Remember plants are not just for the office, consider putting them in your home too, it will clean up the air and decrease your stress levels which is all good news.

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