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Bone Density Heel Scanning


Advanced Bone Measurement Technology Heel Ultrasound Bone Densitometry

For the diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis “brittle bones”.

No radiation, Safe, Instant Results

Today, doctors are better equipped to detect and treat bone loss in its earliest stages. This can help prevent the disease or lessen its impact.

Testing Bones With Ultrasound

Safe, Reliable and Convenient

There are several ways to measure bone density, most of which involve the use of x-ray radiation. X-ray based methods usually take a bone density measurement of your hip, spine, forearm or heel.

We use ultrasound to estimate the bone density of your heel, as the heel bone contains a high percentage of the kind of bone most affected by osteoporosis

During an ultrasound exam, two soft rubber pads come in contact with your heel. These pads send and receive high-frequency sound waves through the heel bone

The test takes a few minutes and is performed in a seated position, with your foot placed and comfortably secured in the ultrasound unit. For the sake of accuracy, it will be necessary for you to remove socks or stockings from that foot. No injections or invasive procedures are necessary. High frequency sound waves are passed through your heel, and the bone density is estimated from the sound waves transmitted. Your test results are processed immediately.

Along with information you provide about your family and medical history, lifestyle and diet, the results of the ultrasound test will be used by your chiropractor to determine your risk of developing osteoporosis.


Your Personal Bone Density Analysis and Report:

  • General Information about Osteoporosis
  • The Effects of Osteoporosis
  • The Risk Factors

  • Your Bone Density Score / Results
  • Lifestyle Advice
  • Appropriate Exercises

  • Dietary Advice
  • Hormonal Information
  • The Benefits of Mineral Supplementation

Suitable for all men and women but strongly advised if you have / had:

Alcohol Abuse
Absence of Periods
Thyroid Disorders

Early Menopause
Long Term Steroid Use
Vertebral Deformity
Loss of Height
Dietary Deficiencies
Low Trauma Fractures
Vegetarian Diet


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